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Ready to be humiliated and degraded for the pleasure of your superior goddess? To be ridiculed and laughed at by a superior, powerful female? Well even if you aren’t, there are dommes online right now who want to get their claws into you and humiliate, berate and belittle you just because they can. They know they are superior to a pathetic little worm like you and they will make you do all sorts of degrading things because they own you. You are willing to do anything they tell you to just to have attention from them or so they will keep you as a slave. It’s pathetic really but its a fact.

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There is nothing these mean bitches won’t do to a snivelling little anything like you in the pursuit of a cheap laugh at your expense. They don’t give a damn about your feelings, how much you are suffering or how embarrassed you are.

They just enjoy humiliating slaves as much as possible and if you enter a femdom webcam session with an arrogant Mistress from this site you better be ready for whatever they throw your way.

Anything goes and they will stop at nothing until you are totally dejected and wishing the ground would open up and swallow you. They will take you to the very edge of your limits and then a little bit further. You can check back on our femdom cams site for all the updates and pictures we add frequently

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Till you are ready to run away and hide like a little bitch but they know full well you won’t as you are so desperate for her acknowledgement and the only way you can ever get the attention of such a gorgeous woman is when she is humiliating you.

What Happens in A Humiliation Cams Show

Any dominatrix will straight away home in on any males most sensitive area. His cock size. Anything less than 10 inches is tiny to these ladies and being an inferior male specimen, you probably pack less than 4 so expect her to piss herself laughing when you get naked and that little stub is on display.

Maggot dick, shrimp dick, tiny cock loser, chipolata cock and pinky penis are a few names you can expect to hear as well as “where is it?” and “Damn it must be cold where you are”. Nothing is too far and they will have you measure it, compare it to other dicks or against objects such as baby carrots, make you worship real men’s cock pictures or whatever else they decide. No matter what type of fetish you have you can  view our fetish cams right here

They might make you get on your knees and kiss their boots. Right to the floor and plant kisses on their dirty boots or turn around, bend over and make you kiss their ass. Right on both cheeks as they laugh and jiggle their backside for added humiliation. You can read our Cuckold humiliation points and find new ways to humiliate your cuckold on webcam

Maybe they will force you into sissy panties, stockings, strappy high heels, a dress, wig and makeup? Forced feminization is a popular tool for Mistresses to use in a humiliation cam session and it will leave you dejected and broken.

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They might even take pictures to post online for the whole world to see and laugh at. They will train you to curtsey, to serve, how to walk properly and how to speak like a female. Does it get any more humiliating? To be made to dress, act and speak like a woman? It’s about as humiliating as it gets, especially when you are forced into it against your will. See our femdom cams section here where we list all bdsm kinks and taboos

Maybe she will lock your cock in a chastity that forbids erections, let alone orgasms. You’re a pathetic little wanker anyway, sitting playing with yourself like a grubby schoolboy over pictures and videos online so it’s for the best. Days, weeks, even months will go by after she has snapped that lock shut but she will keep you frustrated and denied, making you beg, plead and grovel for relief that she will still deny you.

Your aching blue balls and desperation will have no impact on her conscience what so ever. In fact, she will get an immense kick out of it, especially if she adds cuckold humiliation into the fray and makes you watch as she is fucked by another man. A real man. These cruel Humiliation queens enjoy giving jerk off instructions and controlling your wanking are you ready to be told how to wank and when to cum? To be made to eat every drop of your Jizz? Then click the live cam button and start chatting now


Even something as simple as CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) is degrading for the male subject. He is naked, exposed and vulnerable in front of a fully clothed woman whom he adores. Made to expose your manhood (if you can call it that) are a powerful attack on the psyche and an extremely effective tool in the arsenal she has at her disposal with which to break you and leave you red-faced and ready to curl up into a ball.

There are countless ways for a dominatrix to humiliate you on live cam and rest assured they will always find new ways to fuck with you and get inside your head.

These are just a few examples but there are much, much more and the Dommes on here all have the experience and expertise to keep you on your toes and keep you guessing.

By using the free cam chat function, you can tell her all the props you have and she will have you using them in ways you never thought possible.

So what are you waiting for a loser? Get your pathetic ass to the site and join up now. Free credits await for you to have your first show with a Mistress but you will keep coming back because you will be hooked and you are that pathetic